Habitational Insurance

Insure Your Residential Properties with Habitational Insurance

Our habitational insurance policy is specially designed to protect the owners of commercial residential properties, including apartment buildings, condominium associations & townhomes, dwelling 1-4 units, and planned-unit development (PUD’S & HOAs).

As your insurance agency, we are committed to providing customized habitational insurance solutions at the best possible rates throughout Washington and Oregon.

Why Habitational Insurance?

Habitational insurance is a type of liability coverage that protects landlords from paying out of pocket for damages caused to their rented properties by covered perils and claims filed by tenants.

Habitational Insurance

Coverages Included in Habitational Insurance

  • General Liability - Covers legal expenses and medical bills incurred by a tenant or visitor who gets injured on your property.
  • Property – Pays for clean-up and renovation costs if your property is destroyed or damaged by a storm, wind, or fire.
  • Crime - Covers thefts of others' properties that are on your premises or in your possession
  • Walls-in vs. Shell - Walls-in, covers for items inside the walls of a building while shell coverage includes the shell of a residence such as roofs and outer walls.
  • Directors and Officers - Provides liability coverage against alleged negligent actions committed by directors and officers.
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Protect Your Commercial Residential Properties with Patsel Insurance Agency

Whether you own one commercial residential property or an entire complex, Patsel Insurance Agency can help protect your valuable investments with our comprehensive habitational insurance policy.

We treat our clients like family and put them first, offering the best insurance policies specific to their requirements and risk with continual support and service throughout the policy.

As a client-centric insurance agency, we aim to provide our clients with the best product knowledge and resources, helping them make informed decisions. With our tailored policies and exceptional customer service to rely on, you will have peace of mind knowing that your rented properties are covered at all times.

Get your all-inclusive habitational insurance policy in WA or Oregon Reach out to our insurance experts today at info@piawa.com or call us at 425-226-9239. We are ready to help you with all your habitational coverage needs.